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  Acts of Accountability
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 Inpito's Accountability Practices and Procedures 

This document sets forth the corporations standard for ethic, and moral, practices and procedures within the Indiana Non-Profit Information Technology Organization.

 Mail Accountability 

To ensure all mail is properly viewed, no less then two (2) people sharing no family or outside business relation to one another should be present for the opening of mail and the divulging of information within.

All outgoing letters are to have either the P.O.Box address or the Office Address used as the primary address for return mail.

 Financial Accountability 

To ensure financial accountability no less then two (2) people sharing no family or outside business relation to one another should receive a bank statement of the current condition of the corporations banking accounts. The Corporation will supply a yearly statement of income and expences publicly.

 Balance of Power 

No one person within the organization is to have authority over both the incoming and outgoing mail, and incoming and outgoing finances. Unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise, such as having only one person who is available to preform both tasks. Any such person should relinquish control over either the mail, or finances, when the circumstances provide.

 Agreements that Benefit Corporate Personnel 

Matters or agreements determined to benefit a person or people of the Corporation, board members, officers, directors, employees, or contractors, shall be monitored for display and all information concerning the condition of benefit to the person or people of interest will be posted in public, and may be made available on the internet, for public review and consideration to determine if the condition is in the best interest of the Corporation and it's objectives, or the person or people of interest benefiting from the agreement.

 Property Ownership 

The Corporation will honor the rights of ownership for all hardware, software, and properties . All hardware found to be obtain unlawfully, will be returned to those who produce proper evidence of rightful ownership. All intellectual properties will be used in accordance with their licensing agreements, and the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act.

 Lawful Education and Information 

The Corporation will not provide any education that results in the violation of licensing agreements, or the law. If it is discovered the Corporation has posted any educational or informational material that is considered an illegal act, or the act of breaking a licensing agreement, all information or educational material within the Corporations control will be removed from public.

 Records of Projects 

Records and status of the Corporation's projects will be displayed publicly on the internet. Project may include, a project I.D., the projects status, the personnel involved, the amount of man hours involved in the project, the latest update to the project, a contact email to participate in or comment on the project, URL location, download, requirements for usage, and any other amount of information deemed important or useful by the I.T.Board for public use.

 Human Resource Accountability 

All personnel involved with the Corporation will be expected to conduct themselves in a manor of mutual respect for all personnel of the Corporation. No discrimination based on religion, national origin, race, color, or gender will, be tolerated, supported, or promoted by the Corporation.

The Corporation will not engage in any activate that will violate any persons privacy unless such person is engaged in illegal activities. In such cases the Corporation reserves the right to contact federal, state, and local authorities, to inform them of any and all illegal activity. The Corporation will provide information concerning all projects of the Corporation publicly, however the Corporation will respect the privacy of any person involved on any project, who wishes to remain anonymous.

 Sales and Marketing Ethic 

The Corporation will to the best of it's ability give as truthful a description of all project it involves itself, for the purpose of proper and truthful marketing and product description. The Corporation will make all projects equally accessible to any person or people who have fulfilled the requirements of a projects and will not discriminate in providing any project to any other group based on religion, national origin, race, color, or gender.

 Ethics of Production and Service 

The Corporation will to the best of it's ability provide the best product and service possible. The Corporation desires to perform any product and/or service equally without regards to religion, national origin, race, color, or gender.

 Amendments Alterations and Additions Accountability 

Any amendments, alterations and/or additions to this document by the Board of Directors of the Corporation will be publicly posted.

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